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Enterprise Strategy

Strategy Alignment / Market Positioning

Technology Integration/Services Firm


A regional enterprise applications integration and services company sought to expand as a national provider of web enabled business process solutions.


Key Challenges

  • Focus and simplify its service offerings,

  • Create a single corporate position from multiple underlying service areas,

  • Prepare a business plan for expansion financing,

  • Develop an analyst presentation, and

  • Manage a national advertising and public relations initiative.

Rapid Deployment Solutions


  • Consolidated multiple service offerings

  • Reduced seven lines of business into three corporate offerings

  • Developed business, capital, and marketing plans supporting a single corporate focus

  • Delivered a positioning analysis to a dozen industry analyst firms


Strategic Solutions 


  • Created a competitive positioning strategy underlying client acquisition, resource development, and marketing initiatives.

  • Implemented a marketing plan including print, web, affiliate, and industry representation


Functional Focus and Impact


  • Strategic Planning

  • Marketing

  • Product/Services Development

  • Sales Management

  • Financial Accountability

  • Organizational Structure

  • Knowledge Management

  • Staff Development




The company secured more than $20 million in financing to roll out the new strategy.

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