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Advisory Due Diligence

"Pre-valuation" Positioning

Financial Services Consulting

Founded in 1980, this consultancy focused on improving bank operations, deploying new technology, and managing post merger integration of the combining entities’ information technology.  They grew to over $100 million, went public, and then took themselves private agains. The founders sought to remove themselves from daily management, but the management team was not aligned around strategic direction, and revenue declined to less than $20 million. The founders sought an investment firm to find a new CEO or identify an acquirer. The investment firm as PMG Consulting to assess options.  


Rapid Deployment Solutions


  • Interviewed founders and management to understand their goals and expectations

  • and consistency of agreement with those goals

  • Examined website and collateral to determine alignment of messaging with strategic goals and consulting capabilities

  • Reviewed over 200 engagement summaries to understand scope, actions, and deliverables

  • Aggregated summarized engagements into several categories to articulate a critical “core of value” which could be salable, or used to rebuild a going concern

  • Solicited client feedback about the firm's performance, how it compared to other vendor options, and whether they would rehire the firm


Strategic Solutions


  • Prepared an analysis service and client mix, financial performance, and offerings alignment to highlight disconnected positioning and identify areas of opportunity.

  • Presented alternative scenarios for industry/functional focus areas

  • Identified skills development recommendations that were better aligned with positioning and could command better financial results

  • Recommending changes in industry and service focus, including implications for market positioning and delivery capabilities

Functional Focus and Impact


  • Market Positioning

  • Strategic and Business Planning

  • Business Development

  • Skills Development

  • Organizational Alignment

  • Performance Metrics

  • Management Processes

  • Customer & Employee Experience

  • Management Succession




The existing positioning did not reflect the client's goals or historical capabilities. While the firm was liked, it was considered a commodity provider.  The client decided to pursue a modified strategy with a new CEO. Their goals were to increase revenues by 5x in three years and then sell the firm at that time.

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