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Post Merger Business Strategy

Transformation & Business Metrics

Retail Brokerage Firm



The client sought to transition from a branch broker to a “trusted adviser” brokerage business model.  They engaged a Securities and Asset Management consultancy to create an “as is” / “to be” analysis, highlighting key areas of transformation, including:

  • Impact on Existing Customer Relationships

  • Broker Skills

  • Product Mix

  • Customer Risk Profiles

  • Operations and Customer Support

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Portfolio and Performance Metrics

Key Challenges


  • No business metrics existed to reflect progress and success in implementing the new strategy.

  • Current key performance indicator was gross revenue; Little to no ability to view activities by standard

  • LOB management used single revenue report to assess performance

  • Desired metrics weren't readily available or easily accessible in existing reports or systems 

  • Performance management and regulatory reporting requirements were difficult to meet with existing data and sourcing environment

  • Needed an information infrastructure that would include commonly defined supporting data and metrics, user and report data would be accessed from a single repository, and BI tools would support dynamic portfolio and performance reporting

Rapid Deployment Solutions

  • Proposed a suite of business metrics reflecting full service brokerage management, including revenue, assets, customer profile, product mix, customer share of wallet, FA productivity and profitability, service center response times, resolution of customer complaints, and other important industry related performance measures.

  • Designed new metrics scorecard frameworks for different roles, including Executive Business Unit Management, Sales Management, and Financial Advisors

  • Created manually generated spreadsheet-based prototypes using limited input available from disparate systems and functions

Strategic Solutions

  • Obtained funding for and built a new, separate Brokerage Data Warehouse

  • Facilitated collaborative working sessions between business and technology groups to identify and define key data and metrics calculations.

  • Engaged broker platform services, clearing partners, and product providers to communicate the type and frequency of new data requirements

  • Developed automated scorecards within 15 months of project inception

Functional Focus and Impact

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Performance Management

  • Business Scorecards and Metrics

  • Data Management

  • Data Warehouse

  • Financial Reporting

  • Regulatory Reporting

  • Broker and FA Development

  • Customer Information and Statementing


Line of Business and Executive management were able to better understand how their strategy evolved. Sales managers could clearly track asset growth, customer share of wallet, and product offering requirements. Financial Advisors had a single view of client portfolios and attainment of sales goals.


Based on these results, the Wealth Management line of business decided to undertake a similar business metrics initiative. Both initiatives became part of a $300 million corporate data management and reporting effort.

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